Songs That Inspire Me – “Americana” by The Offspring

Hi all,

One of the reasons that I created this blog was to start disseminating some of my political leanings and reaching out to others who share similar sentiments. It is my hope to one day take my political ideals and put them into my Art. Kitty and I were talking about this just this morning and I think it’s time to begin.

One of my many inspirations are songs, but not just any songs. I like ones that challenge the way that society thinks and rail against social injustice, pleading for, and leading the charge for social change. I’ve come across many and I’ve picked this as the first.

“Americana” by The Offspring (from the album of the same name). When these guys first hit the scene I was a wee high schooler. Their song “Keep ’em Separated” was a huge hit and hugely motivated by the prevalence of gang violence in California. Like that, “Americana” is also liberally peppered with the bands view on the state of modern American living.

My favourite line from the song is “My future’s determined by thieves, thugs and vermin”. This is the line that I hope to work in to one of my future paintings. In the context of the song it seems to be deriding the lowbrow culture that has sprung up in down trodden neighborhoods and how petty tyrants prey on the weak in suburban America. For myself, I have a grander vision to point that line at government and corporate “thieves, thugs and vermin”, who play an express role in my future too (and everyone else’s for that matter).

Here’s the song in it’s entirety from YouTube. It has the lyrics printed so you can sing along! Please be aware, this song, in keeping with it’s punk roots, has a ton of swearing. As The Offspring have said themselves in “Disclaimer”, the intro song to their album Ixnay on the Hombre, “If it offends you, just don’t listen to it.”

For now, that is all. Goodnight!

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