I am moving!



My new website is up and running and located at www.redfracture.com. It is a reimagining of my visual arts business for a new era. I will be offering up new products such as T-shirts that will be available in North America and Europe (and honestly, anywhere around the world as long as you don’t mind the shipping fee) as well as old standby’s like prints and of course my collectable original artworks. But this is just the beginning. I’m looking into licensing my products for the skateboard, tattoo and motorcycle markets as well as alternative culture and marginalized creative enclaves from around the world! Come by and check it out!

SeanChappell.com is going to be decommissioned as of July 1st, 2019 and will forward all new traffic to www.redfracture.com from that date forward.

Galleries of my older work are available on the left for you to enjoy.

Here are some examples of originals you’ll find at www.redfracture.com.